Department of Animal Science Welcomes Rosero as an Assistant Professor

The Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University welcomes David Rosero as an assistant professor. With his extensive background in the swine industry, David comes to the department ready to make valuable contributions for students and stakeholders. Rosero’s research will focus on swine nutrition and smart farming, with special emphasis on developing technologies to improve sow survivability and longevity. He will also be teaching ANS 425: Swine Systems Management.

“I feel honored and humbled to join a great institution and the outstanding faculty at the Department of Animal Science. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with fellow researchers, students, and industry partners to drive much needed change and innovation in the swine industry,” said Rosero.

He brings much academic and industry experience to Iowa State. After earning his undergraduate degree from Zamorano University in Honduras, Rosero then worked for Smithfield Foods as the sow production supervisor. After being in this role, he left to pursue his graduate degrees at North Carolina State University. Rosero received his master’s degree in animal nutrition and statistics, and his doctorate in animal science and nutrition. His doctorate research focused on understanding the nutritional value of dietary lipids and essential fatty acids on sow long-term productivity.

“I am very excited and committed to growing my research program to develop practical solutions for our industry challenges and to contribute in the education of the next generation of swine professionals,” Rosero stated.

Rosero has received recognition for his research, including the Emerging Scholar Award by the American Society of Animal Science and a Research Innovation Award from the National Pork Board. Since 2014, Rosero has worked for The Hanor Company as a senior nutritionist and technical officer. In these roles, he oversaw nutrition programs, research, and innovation efforts.

“David brings exceptional industry experience and a passion for research and teaching that will bring immediate value to our students and stakeholders. We look forward to his expertise and capabilities in the classroom and research endeavors that will advance our department and the swine industry. We are fortunate to have him as part of our team,” said Jason Ross, animal science department chair.