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Graduate students awarded Fall 2022 Teaching & Research Excellence Awards

Two graduate students from the Department of Animal Science were recognized with Excellence Awards for the Fall 2022 semester.

Graduate College – Research Excellence Award

Meaghan Meyer received the Graduate College Research Excellence Award. Meaghan’s graduate school research has focused on broiler chicken welfare and behavior, as well as broiler nutrition and meat quality. Upon graduation, she looks forward to making an impact in the animal welfare industry and on behavior-focused teaching.

These awards aim to recognize graduate students for outstanding thesis or dissertation research. These students are also expected to be academically superior and able not only to do research but also to develop a well-written product. The Department of Animal Science is proud of the many recipients over the years of this award intended to recognize "the best of the best" graduate students.

Jason Ross, Elizabeth Bobeck and Meaghan Meyer

Jason Ross, Elizabeth Bobeck and Meaghan Meyer 


Graduate College – Teaching Excellence Award 

Cori Cooper received the Graduate College Teaching Excellence Award. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and encourage outstanding teaching achievement by graduate students.  

Cooper stepped up to fill a temporary teaching gap in the department and was the instructor of record for ANS 235 (Dairy Cattle Science) in Fall 2022 and has also been a TA for ANS 352 (Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals) 3 semesters, ANS 434 (Dairy Systems Management) 2 semesters, ANS 337 (Lactation Biology) 1 semester, and BIOL 313 (Principles of Genetics) 1 semester. She also completed Preparing Future Faculty at the Associate level. 

Cooper’s goals following graduation are to work in education and/or extension and outreach, either through a university or industry. She would love a career that involves teaching and education, along with interaction with producers. She really enjoys teaching undergraduates but having boots on farm and being around cattle is also very important to her. 

Jason Ross, Cori Cooper and James Koltes









Jason Ross, Cori Cooper and James Koltes