Poultry impact continues to grow through grant funds to the Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University has received a student recruitment and retention grant from the USPOULTRY Foundation through a donation from Iowa’s own West Liberty Foods.

This program has given grants to Iowa State for many years to help fund efforts to recruit students with a poultry interest and help them become future industry leaders by hosting the annual FFA Poultry Career Development and Educational Competition and assist with the ‘Flock to Your Future’ event, which is held in conjunction with the Iowa Egg Symposium, and engaging young learners through Animal Science Learning Day. Student directly engage with the poultry industry through industry trips and these funds provide travel support to the International Processing and Products Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, home to the College Student Career Program, and tours of processing plants and allied poultry companies throughout the state of Iowa.

“These trips allow students to engage with the industry and observe new trends in poultry production and processing,” said Dawn Koltes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science and Poultry Interest Group advisor.

With the recent completion of the Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching & Research Facility and the new Stanley L. Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Facility, this is an exciting time for students with an interest in poultry to join the department. 

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