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Sheep teaching farm rams sell at 2023 NSIP sale

This summer the Iowa State University Sheep Teaching farm consigned Hampshire rams to the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) annual sales in Spencer, Iowa and an online platform. The National Sheep Improvement Program provides important genetic information to producers in the form of estimated breeding values (EBVs), which are derived from meticulously kept production records and data. Having access to EBVs allows producer to make educated breeding decisions that can work towards creating a more consistent and profitable sheep industry. The rams produced by the Sheep Teaching Farm are classified as terminal rams that are valued most for their growth and carcass characteristics. The ISU Sheep Farm prides itself in having some of the highest indexing rams in the program and strive to raise sheep that will have a positive impact on the commercial industry without sacrificing phenotypic attributes. 

This year the ISU Sheep Teaching Farm sold three rams on the NSIP online sale and four others at the in-person NSIP sale at the end of July with each ram averaging over $1,250. The online consignment for ISU was the top selling ram on the terminal ram sale and will hopefully make a positive contribution to his new flock in Missouri. Additionally, the farm had the top three highest indexing Hampshire rams and the top selling Hampshire ram at the Center of the Nation NSIP Sale in Spencer, IA. Several of the rams were in the top 2% for the breed for growth and top 1% for carcass plus. We are excited to continually keep improving our genetics in order to produce high indexing, quality rams that will favorably impact carcass merit. We are grateful for the support of the buyers as well as the NSIP program for supplying a database and platform, through which sheep can be marketed that make a positive genetic contribution to the industry. We look forward to next year!