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Student Spotlight: Kinsey Christianson

Kinsey ChristiansonKinsey Christianson found the best of both worlds at Iowa State University. Hailing from Englewood, Colorado, Kinsey was searching for a school that would offer a good track and field program as well as a path to veterinary school. After finding Iowa State, she knew she wanted to be here. “It had the athletics and the academics I was looking for. I didn’t have to give up any of the standards I had when looking for a college.”

Currently a sophomore, Kinsey is a member of the track team and runs mid-distance. She is a part of the Pre-Veterinary Club as well as Veterinarians Without Borders. She decided to major in animal science because of her passion for animals and desire to go to veterinary school. Kinsey said she knew animal science would teach her the most, as she is not from an agriculture background. She wants to work with both large and small animals in her future career, so animal science was the natural fit.

Kinsey is most proud of putting herself out there and being able to meet people at Iowa State. “I came to Ames knowing no one. Being able to reach out and make connections with people in my classes was something I am glad I was able to do.”

One of her career goals is to create a veterinary clinic that helps people in lower economic areas. “I want to be able to help people who can’t afford pet care and be a part of something that would lower the cost for them.” Her favorite class so far is ANS 101: Working With Animals, taught by Brad Skaar. Kinsey says the class is lots of fun and likes visiting with Skaar because they are both from Colorado.

When asked what advice she has for current students, Kinsey replied, “If you are taking an online course, don’t wait until the last minute to do the work. They are just as important as your in-person classes, so make sure you pay attention to them.”