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Turkey research presented at 2023 PSA conference

For the Iowa State turkey research team one of the major conferences is the annual Poultry Science Association Annual Conference.  This year, it was held in Philadelphia PA from July 10th through the July 13th. This conference covers all aspects of poultry and focuses on performance and production aspects of the bird.  A big talking point for turkey research at the conference surrounded Histomonas Melegridis, more commonly referred to as Blackhead. 

Data from our second poult flock was presented by Zoie VerBeek. Not only was this the first presentation of research from the Stanley Balloun Turkey Teaching and Research Barn, but also Zoie’s first presentation as a graduate student.  Both were well received as Zoie was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her presentation of this research. Zoie was not the only award winner at the Poultry Science Association Meeting. Krysten Fries-Kraft was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence for her presentation of this research, Isabella von Seggern received the Zinpro Corporation’s Undergraduate Poultry Science Scholarship, and Dr. Yuko Sato was awarded the Phibro Extension Award. In addition to turkey presentations, the Iowa State University poultry group presented research and case studies at Poultry Science Association, American Association of Avian Pathologist, and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting. 


(L to R): Isabella von Seggern, Dawn Koltes, Sue Lamont, (Yuko Sato), Liz Bobeck, Kayla Elmore, Zoie VerBeek, Krysten Fries-Craft.