NW Iowa Sheep producers Attend ISU Extension Program

December 16, 2016

A large crowd of NW Iowa Sheep producers attended an educational program organized by Beth Doran, Beef Field Specialist, along with NW Iowa Sheep Producers Association on Tuesday, December 13 in Sheldon, Iowa.  Dr. Dan Morrical, Department of Animal Science Professor,  was the featured speaker and covered the latest micro mineral survey results.  Dr. Morrical says “Selenium and iodine are the two most common micro mineral deficiencies diagnosed at the ISU Diagnostic lab.  The forage survey of micro minerals indicates that the hay sources in Iowa are deficient in iodine, selenium and zinc.  In sheep rations we worry about too much copper leading to copper poisoning.  This survey indicates that copper levels are similar to previous years surveys at 11 ppm.  Molybdenum, which is an antagonist to copper absorption, had higher average levels than expected at 1.9 ppm. After reviewing the survey I led a discussion with the producers on how to use that information to ensure their flocks diets were adequate in the appropriate micro minerals."

This project was cosponsored by Iowa Sheep and Wool Promotion Board and Iowa Beef Industry Center mini-grants program.  Also speaking was Dr. Travis Hawkins, who covered the Veterinary Feed Directive and its impact on sheep operations. Sponsors of the program were NW Iowa Sheep Prodcuers, Iowa Sheep and Wool Promotion Board and Premier 1 Sheep Supply.  

 Attendees of Sheep Educational Program

Forty five producers enjoyed their Pizza Ranch Buffet followed by the presentations. 

Dan Morrical teaching

Dr. Dan Morrical talks to the group about micro mineral survey results.