If you are an undergraduate student exploring your future in animal science, or a graduate student who is looking forward to a promising career in research or advanced placement in industry, the ISU Department of Animal Science brings you some of the best teachers, researchers and mentors a university setting can provide. The department of animal science consists of faculty members from all over the world who have excelled at their specific areas of knowledge. Winning top awards from the American Society of Animal Science, American Dairy Science Association, Poultry Science Association, Meat Science Association, Federation of Animal Science Societies or industry-related groups such as the American Feed Industry Association, US Poultry and Egg Association, etc. our faculty work hard to stay at the top of their research and teaching fields. Come learn from them, work alongside them and discover a whole new world.

Megan Abeyta
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Lance Baumgard
Animal Physiology
337F Kildee Hall
Malavika Adur
Research Scientist III
Animal Physiology
2355 Kildee Hall
Dong Uk Ahn
2276 Kildee Hall
Graduate Assistant - Teaching
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Stephan Schmitz-Esser
Lloyd L. Anderson
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Physiology and Reproduction
Dr. Ranga Appuhamy
Assistant Professor
Dairy Nutrition
313G Kildee Hall
Peggy Auwerda
Associate Professor
Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
119J Kildee Hall
Tom J. Bass
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Genetics, meat quality, real-time ultrasound
Lance Baumgard
Professor, Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professor in Dairy Nutrition
Nutritional and Environmental Physiology
313J Kildee Hall
Spenser Becker
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Laura Greiner
Swine Nutrition
217 Kildee Hall
Donald Beermann
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Physiology, Animal growth and development, Meat Science and Muscle Biology
Don Beitz
Distinguished Professor
Animal Nutrition
313K Kildee Hall
Vishesh Bhatia
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Jack Dekkers
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Rodrigo Tarte
Meat Science
Elizabeth Bobeck
Associate Professor
Poultry Nutrition, Animal Science
201H Kildee Hall
Dairy Farm
52470 260th St
Affiliate Professor
Swine Nutrition
Paul O. Brackelsberg
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Genetics
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Poultry Physiology and Teaching
Graduate Assistant, Brian Kerr and Ken Stalder
Animal Science
227 Kildee Hall
David Bruene
Senior Manager Agriculture
Beef Farms Manager
Jennifer Bundy
Assistant Professor
Animal Breeding and Genetics
123E Kildee Hall
Christen Burgett
Associate Teaching Professor, Dairy Judging Team Coach
Animal Science
109G Kildee Hall
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Science
Susan Carpenter
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Microbiology, Cell Biology
Gail Carpenter
Assistant Professor of Teaching in Dairy Production
Dairy Production
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Curt Youngs
Sheep Farm Manager
Justin Chapman
Student Services Specialist I
Animal Science
119B Kildee, 806 Stange Rd
Kay Christiansen
Laboratory Technician II
Microbiology Undergraduate Teaching Program
110 Science I
Cori Siberski
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. James Koltes, Dr. Jennifer Bundy
Dairy Genetics, Animal Breeding and Genetics
Postdoc Research Associate, Dr. Chris Tuggle
Animal Breeding & Genetics
Jo Cordray
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Processed meats, reduced fat and low fat products, Fresh meats.
Graduate Assistant - Teaching / Research, Dr. Stephan Schmitz-Esser
Animal Science
Susan Cramer
Academic Advisor II
2237 Osborn Drive
Rachel Crowley
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Joseph Sebranek
Meat Science
Joan Cunnick
Professor, Professor In Charge of Microbiology Undergraduate Program
384 Science I
Postdoc Research Associate, Dr. Chris Tuggle
Molecular Genetics
2258 Kildee Hall
Garland Dahlke
Research Scientist III
Iowa Beef Center
313C Kildee Hall
Sandamali Dassanayake
Research Technician III
Kildee Hall
Carson De Mille
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Nicholas Gabler
Nutritional Physiology, Feed Efficiency
213 Kildee Hall
Jack Dekkers
Distinguished Professor, Section Leader of Animal Breeding and Genetics
Animal Breeding and Genetics
239D Kildee Hall
Claudia DeLeon
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Dawn Koltes
Animal Physiology
Jim Dickson
Food microbiology, Meat product safety
2293 Kildee Hall
Caroline Downey
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Terry Houser
Meat Science
Ben Drescher
Director, Agriculture
Livestock Farms Manager
44B Kildee Hall
Affiliate Associate Professor
Beef Systems Specialist
Agricultural Specialist II
Poultry Teaching Farm
3840 520th Ave
Jordan Eggman
Event Planner II
Jeff and Deb Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center
2508 Mortensen Rd
Sarah Elefson
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Laura Greiner
Animal Nutrition