If you are an undergraduate student exploring your future in animal science, or a graduate student who is looking forward to a promising career in research or advanced placement in industry, the ISU Department of Animal Science brings you some of the best teachers, researchers and mentors a university setting can provide. The department of animal science consists of faculty members from all over the world who have excelled at their specific areas of knowledge. Winning top awards from the American Society of Animal Science, American Dairy Science Association, Poultry Science Association, Meat Science Association, Federation of Animal Science Societies or industry-related groups such as the American Feed Industry Association, US Poultry and Egg Association, etc. our faculty work hard to stay at the top of their research and teaching fields. Come learn from them, work alongside them and discover a whole new world.

Dr. Matthew Ellinwood
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Breeding and Genetics, Physiology
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck
Poultry Nutrition
207 Kildee Hall
Katie England
Program Specialist I
Dairy Records Management Systems
4 Kildee Hall
Trey Faaborg
Agricultural Specialist III
Swine Nutrition Farm
1127 XL Ave
Affiliate Professor
Animal Nutrition
Rohan Fernando
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Breeding & Genetics
Nikki Ferwerda
Associate Professor of Teaching, Equine Farm Manager
119F Kildee Hall
Justin Fix
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Swine Genetics
Agricultural Specialist I
Dairy Farm
Ahlea Forster
Research Scientist I
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Anna Johnson
Animal Science
Ava Frase
Graduate Assistant - Research/Teaching, Dr. Cheryl Morris
Companion Animals
Research Scientist I, Graduate Assistant, Dr. Lance Baumgard
Animal Science
Krysten Fries-Craft
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck
Poultry Nutrition
213 Kildee Hall
Affiliate Professor
Meat Science
Sachiko Funaba
Student Services Coordinator II
207 Science Hall
Dr. Nicholas Gabler
Nutritional Physiology, Feed Efficiency
201E Kildee Hall
Richard Gates
Professor, Director of Egg Industry Center
Controlled Environment Agriculture, Ventilation, Precision Livestock Management
1202 NSRL, 1029 University Blvd
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Nutrition, Dairy
Matie George
Education Extension Specialist II
Iowa Pork Industry Center
Brady Goetz
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Lance Baumgard
Animal Science
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Aileen Keating
Program Coordinator II
407a Science 2 $ 2310 Pammel Dr.
+1 515 294 5950
Laura Greiner
Assistant Professor
Swine Extension
109 Kildee Hall
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Karl Kerns
Animal Physiology
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Ruminant Nutrition
Associate Professor of Animal Science
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Aileen Keating
Chloe Hagen
Graduate Assistant, Research, Dr. Laura Greiner
Swine Nutrition
201 Kildee Hall
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Science, Beef
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Animal Physiology
(701) 231-5682
Stephanie Hansen
Ruminant Nutrition
313F Kildee Hall
Delbert L. (Hank) Harris
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Veterinary Microbiology
Manager Farms
Beef Nutrition Farm
Mark Hawley
Information Technology Support III
Information Technology
122 Kildee Hall
Mary H Healey
Business Admin I
Dairy Farm
225 Kildee Hall
Dean Henderson
Professor of Animal Science
Meat Science
Derek Henningsen
Graduate Assistant, Dr. Ken Stalder
Swine Teaching Farm Manager
Tim Hicks
Agriculture Assistant II
Swine Nutrition Farm
Michelle Hiscocks
Communications Specialist II
Animal Science Admin
1221 Kildee Hall
M. Peter Hoffman
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Science
Maynard G. Hogberg
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Animal Nutrition
Palmer J. Holden
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Swine Nutrition and Management
Mike J Holtzbauer
Program Specialist III
Meat Laboratory
194B Meat Lab
Mark Honeyman
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science
Swine Nutrition, Swine Management, Alternative Livestock Production Systems
Graduate Assistant - Research, Dr. Terry Houser
Meat Science
Terry Houser headshot
Associate Professor, Smithfield Foods Chair in Meat Science Extension
Meat Processing, Meat Selection and Grading, Animal Handling
194 Meat Lab
Sherry Hoyer
Communications Specialist II
Iowa Beef Center, Iowa Pork Industry Center
109 Kildee Hall
Graduate Assistant - Research
Animal Science
Kildee Hall
Zhiliang Hu
Research Scientist III
Animal Breeding and Genetics