Poultry Science

Dr. Susan Lamont's research program involves immunogenetics and poultry breeding. Her research focuses on molecular genetics of poultry immunology, disease resistance, skeletal composition, body composition, and meat quality. The ISU Poultry Science Farm is home to the world's oldest inbred research lines of chickens. In 2005, Department of Homeland Security deemed the poultry farms flock as essential to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With the potential that something could happen to wipe them out, germplasm was recently submitted to the USDA center so the lines are protected. 

Dr. Dong Ahn is a poultry meat and egg specialist and occasionally uses the farm facilities for his research. Other research users include: Drs. Trampel, Xin, Andreasen, Ghoshal, Nieves, Spurlock, Butters-Johnson, and several NADC personnel.

picture of chicken picture of chicken

The world's oldest inbred research lines of chickens

picture of small white chickens