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The Group Mission

The Animal Breeding and Genetics Group of the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University is a team of faculty, students, and staff dedicated to the discovery, development, and implementation of genetic knowledge of animal species. We are committed to educating students and providing producers, scientists, and industry personnel within the state of Iowa, the nation, and the world with the latest advances in quantitative genetics, molecular genetics, and immunogenetics. We further seek to address industry concerns by applying genetic technology to enhance the economic and environmental viability of the livestock industry by increasing efficiency of animal performance, improving the health and vigor of animals, and ensuring the quality and safety of animal products to meet consumer preferences.

ABG Mission

Our Goals 

The Animal Breeding and Genetics Group will fulfill its mission by: 

Selecting and maintaining the nation's premier animal breeding and genetics team

Developing and securing financial resources for pioneering research, teaching, and outreach programs in animal breeding and genetics

Using research to discover knowledge useful for genetic improvement of animals

Providing national and international leadership to and cooperating with animal industries to develop and enhance economically sound genetic improvement programs

Developing a comprehensive program to support departmental undergraduate educational goals relative to animal genetics

Developing a comprehensive program to recruit and educate high-quality animal breeding and genetics students, post-doctoral associates, and visiting scientists

Developing and enhancing multidisciplinary teams by contributing genetic expertise to innovative and comprehensive research, teaching, and extension program