Summer 2007

Summer 2007
at Iowa State University

Supported by: 
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Center for Integrated Animal Genomics
Department of Animal Science

QTL Mapping, MAS, and Genomic Selection

June 4-8

By Dr. Ben Hayes

Department of Primary Industries, Victoria Australia

The purpose of this course is to provide post graduate students and genetic improvement practitioners with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to use information from 10s of thousands of SNP markers in genetic improvement.  The course will focus on exploiting linkage disequilibrium in breeding populations in marker assisted selection.  A significant proportion of the course will be devoted to genomic selection and the route to application in the breeding industries.  There will be a significant practical component to the course. Although course materials will be primarily directed towards animal breeding programs, with some modification, the concepts and principles presented will also apply to plant breeding programs.

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