Summer 2009

Use of High-density SNP Genotyping
for Genetic Improvement of Livestock

June 1-10, 2009

Course Instructors:

Jack Dekkers
Dorian Garrick
Rohan Fernando

Offered in two modules:

Module A: Basics of QTL mapping and MA-selection (June 1-4) 
Intended for those with limited background in these areas; provides basis for Module B

  • Quantitative genetic basis for the use of linkage and linkage disequilibrium for QTL detection and marker-assisted genetic evaluation.
  • Quantitative genetic basis of marker-assisted selection and prediction of response to marker-assisted and genomic selection

Module B: Genomic Selection (June 5-6 and 8-10)

  • Statistical, quantitative, and computational aspects of genomic selection.
  • Strategies for implementation of genomic selection.

Prerequisites: Graduate-level course in quantitative genetics.
Basic understanding of molecular genetics and QTL mapping.
( E.g. at the level of Falconer & MacKay ) 
Mixed linear model methodology