Research Focus

Student in labResearch at the Farm

Many researchers have used and continue to use the facilities. Dr. Nick Gabler, Dr. Ken Stalder, Dr. John Patience, Dr. Mark Honeyman, Dr. Jason Ross and Dr. Brian Kerr are a few of the ISU researchers involved in projects taking place at the Swine Nutrition Farm.

Projects on the farm are:

  • Efficacy of antibiotic alternatives in treatment of post weaning diarrhea in pigs
  • Obesity study with Ossabaw pigs
  • Energy utilization of glycerin in weanling swine
  • Energy utilization of glycerin in growing-finishing swine
  • Improved dietary fiber digestion in the large intestine of swine through selection of "Fiber-biotics"
  • Impact of dietary nitrogen, sulfur and cellulose levels on swine manure composition and odor emission
  • Improvement of phosphorus digestibility of microbial phytase
  • Manure composition - Stability and validation
  • Blood collection from clinically healthy growing pigs for serum, plasma, and the isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells
  • Evaluation of dietary butyrate on growth performance and response to inflammatory stimuli in weanling pigs
  • Evaluation of dietary fiber sources as growth promotants in weanling pigs
  • Evaluation of the effects of lowering dietary crude protein on serum biomarkers of body composition and gene expression in muscle and adipose tissue in finishing swine
  • Mineral balances of diverse swine genetic sources as affected by dietary phosphorus levels
  • Effect of genetics and nutrition on bone metabolism
  • Evaluation of sustained release formulations of Vitamin D for use in animal and human nutrition
  • Evaluation of salmon protein concentrate on growth performance of weanling pigs
  • Evaluation of field peas as a protein source for growing finishing swine
  • Oxidized biomarkers in blood of pigs
  • Role of 1.3 butanediol as a bioactive compound for enhancing sow and neonatal pig productivity