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Ruminant Nutrition Lab Members

Stephanie HansenStephanie Hansen, Professor

  • Start date: August 2009
  • Education: Iowa State University, B.S. (Animal Science); North Carolina State University, M.S. (Animal Science); North Carolina State University, Ph.D. (Nutritional Sciences)
  • Favorite Hansen lab memory: any time I’ve gotten to travel with a student. Whether it was across Iowa to an extension meeting or across the pond to an international trace mineral meeting, I’ve learned so much about our team members while spending that quality time together.
  • Favorite way(s) to eat beef: anytime someone other than me prepares it!

Samantha Lei

Samantha Lei, Laboratory Manager

  • Start date: November 2010
  • Education: Iowa State University, M.S. (Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology)
  • Favorite Hansen lab memory: learning to maintain and operate the ICP from Mary, Dr. Hansen’s first post-doc
  • Favorite way(s) to eat beef: prime rib (medium rare)



Graduate Students

Emma Rients, Graduate Student

  • Start date: May 2020
  • Education: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, B.S. (Animal Science)
  • Research focus/interests: interactions between zinc, vitamin A, and Bovine Respiratory Disease
  • Career goals: work in the beef industry to help optimize cattle performance in the feedlot through nutritional strategies
  • Favorite way(s) to eat beef: steak with garlic butter and mashed potatoes

Dathan Smerchek, Graduate Student

  • Start date: January 2021
  • Education: South Dakota State University, B.S. (Animal Science); South Dakota State University, M.S. (Animal Science)
  • Research focus/interests: the interaction of zinc and manganese with steroidal implants for feedlot cattle
  • Career goals: technical consultant or a similar role with a focus on feedlot nutrition
  • Favorite way(s) to eat beef: a nice ribeye steak cooked medium-rare and topped with sauteed mushrooms and onions

Amy McLaughlin, Graduate Student

  • Start date: January 2022
  • Education: Northwest Missouri State University, B.S. (Animal Science)
  • Research focus/interests: the effects of corn byproducts on feedlot performance and immune function
  • Career goals: teaching
  • Favorite way(s) to eat beef: brisket, any and all medium rare steaks, ribs (of course)

We also work with the following Collaborators: