State of Iowa 4-H and FFA Meats Judging Contest

September 2, 2016

By Amy Powell

The State 4-H and FFA meats judging contests were held on August 27 at the ISU meat lab.  Twenty-five teams gathered from across Iowa to compete for the title of state champion team.  Students evaluated beef, pork and lamb carcasses and identified and evaluated retail cuts, hams and beef ribs.  4-H members presented oral reasons on three classes and FFA students took a written test.  The state 4-H senior winner was the team from O’Brien County and team members included Anna Sells, Colton Meyer, Claire Rierson and Tony Sells.  The winning junior team was from Jasper County and members included Justin and Teddy Vande Lune and Jenkin and Kennadi Fulmer.   The FFA contest was won by the South O’Brien Chapter comprised of Emily Mars, Zachary Riedemann, Erin Wagner, and Dawson Weathers.  Both the 4-H and FFA teams will represent Iowa at their respective National Contests this fall.

The contest was arranged by Dr. Sherry Olsen and the 2016 ISU meat judging team.  Team members served as the officials for the contest and also served as group leaders.  Team members included Austin Egolf, Michael Stender, Zach Peppmeier, Michaella Fevold, Paige Whitney, Laura Yoder and Rachel Wynn.  Carl Frame and Alex Conover oversaw the contest and served as cooler superintendents.  Former meat judging team members Natalie Hansen and Breanna Sasso also assisted with reasons. Dr. Steven Lonergan served as an official.   The ISU meat lab processed all of the product that was used in the contest and the champion and reserve champion animals from the state fair were utilized in the carcass classes.

High Individuals and State Winning Jr. Team

High individuals and state winning junior team

L to R:  Eric Mars – high individual from O’Brien County, Grant Wagner- second high individual from O’Brien County and then the next five are the winning team from Jasper County – Justin VandeLune, Luke Zabel, Jenkin Fulmer, Teddy VandeLune, Kennadi Fulmer

High Individuals and State Winning Sr. Team

High individuals and state winning senior team

Kenn Lanz – high individual from Louisa County,  Claire Rierson- high score in placings and member of winning team from O’Brien, Kristen Osland – high individual in reasons from Louisa County, Makenna West-5th high individual from Louisa County, Colton Meyer, Tony Sells and Anna Sells – members of the winning team from O’Brien County.