Study Abroad with Animal Science and Dairy Science in the Netherlands

May 16, 2017

Cows by tulips

Jack Dekkers and Jessie Juarez are leading a group of students on a trip to the Netherlands.  The trip will include a wide range of visits to gain an understanding of the dairy and other livestock industries in The Netherlands, including (tentatively) Europe’s largest feed mill, an AI breeding station and museum, pig and poultry breeding stations, a dairy cooperative, livestock research stations, a factory that makes milk robots and other automation tools for livestock production, and several livestock farms, from small to large and from traditional to organic.  Because of their greater accessibility, the majority of the farms visited will be dairy farms.  Students will also have an opportunity to interact with fellow students at Wageningen Agricultural University.

In addition, students will visit the world’s largest flower show and auction and be able gain an appreciation of the culture and lifestyle in The Netherlands, including visits to the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, the Open Air Museum and the Royal Delft China factory, canal and harbor tours in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and ‘Venice of the North’; experience travel by bike and by public transportation; visit exhibitions and museums to get an appreciation of the centuries-long and ongoing struggle of the Dutch against the water; and experience traditional Dutch foods.

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