Success at Midwest Meetings; ADSA and ASAS

March 20, 2017

Kildee Hall was quiet last week as most faculty were attending the annual meeting of the Midwest Branch of ADSA and the Midwestern section of ASAS.  The meeting was held at the Omaha Convention center and faculty, staff and graduate students from the Department of Animal Science were actively involved.  With 9 posters,  31 oral sessions and symposias and one oral presentation, Iowa State University presence was known.  Click here to see a list of topic titles and those involved.  

Of the 4 awards given at the Midwest meeting, Iowa State University was awarded two of them.  Dr. Dr. HansenStephanie Hansen received the Young Researcher Award at the ceremony.  This award is given to those that 'have made an outstanding contribution in research in animal/dairy science. The research must have pertained to the following classes of animals: (a) beef cattle, (b) dairy cattle, (c) horses, (d)sheep, (e) swine, or (f) poultry. The research must have been related to some phase of breeding, feeding,management, nutrition, growth and development, physiology, milk production, muscle biology or meats of the animals listed above, and must have direct importance to their production."  Iowa State has won the Outstanding Young Researcher Award twice in the last 3 years; in the last 10 years, ISU has won this award 3 times; no other school has won it more than once in that same period. To read more click here.

Trey KellnerIowa State University was awarded the Tim Stahly/Ernie Peo award for the 3rd time in 6 years.  Animal Science Graduate Student, Trey Kellner,was the recipient of the Stahly/Peo Outstanding Swine Nutrition Midwest Graduate Student Award.  This award recognizes "outstanding research, extension and teaching efforts of a Midwest graduate student in the area of swine nutrition."  To read more click here

The winner of the M.S. student oral competition – Amy Petry from Texas Tech University – will soon move to Iowa State to begin her studies towards a Ph.D. funded by a National Needs Fellowship.