Dairy Barn

A dairy farm site was developed south of campus on Mortensen Road in 1908. The facility remains at this location at the present time and includes a number of barns and a pavilion. All are in use in maintaining a dairy herd. Facilities are used extensively for both teaching and research.

First Dairy Barn, 1908 to present Read more about Dairy Barn

Sheep Barn

During the period 1865 to 1898, several structures were built to house the College sheep flocks. The first was developed as a model sheep house to accommodate six breeds of sheep and included a fattening pen for mutton sheep. This small facility was located where the Food Science Building is presently located. Sheep sheds were constructed in 1911 north of the Chicago Northwestern Railroad track and used until destroyed by fires in 1938 and 1959.

Early Sheep Barn Read more about Sheep Barn

Horse Barn

Clearly, horses were essential to the development and operation of the Institution from the beginning. There is no record of a barn being built specifically for horses until 1870, however. Photographs suggest that some of the early structures were probably used for horses as well as cattle.

First Horse Barn 1870-1900 Read more about Horse Barn


President's Barn

President Welch's Barn, 1874-1905.

President Welch, utilizing his personal funds, built the President's Barn in 1874. Use of the barn is not recorded. It was most likely a stable and coach house. The building was used only a short time by the President and in 1878 was converted to a dissecting room for the study of anatomy and pathology by veterinary students. It was later moved and used as storage for University grounds maintenance equipment and as storage for the Department of Domestic Economy. Read more about President's Barn

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