Two Meat Science Graduate Students Receive Scholarships

August 11, 2017

Graduate students Danika Miller and Michael Cropp were awarded $10,000.00 scholarships by the Meat Industry Suppliers Alliance Foundation also known as MISA.  They were two of seven students to receive the award. 

Danika studies under the direction of Rodrigo Tarté and her research focuses on investigating the rheological properties, under heat gelation, of mechanically separated chicken at varying salt concentrations. The findings will be used to understand and increase the functionality of mechanically separated chicken in order to improve the sensory qualities of processed meats formulated with mechanically separated chicken.


Michael studies under the direction of Dr. Joe Sebranek and his research focus is  cured meat packaging, specifically active packaging solutions to extend the color stability and shelf-life of naturally cured and uncured processed meats.

The MISA Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization formed to nurture, promote and develop state-of-the-art technology and technical information by furthering the education of meat and food science students.  To read the press release click here.