Dairy Careers

Dairy cows

The dairy industry touches all aspects of agriculture and dairy cattle are raised in all 50 states. Iowa is home to 1,360 licensed dairy herds and is the 12th largest milk producing state in the U.S. Additionally, Iowa hosts 20 plants that process one or more dairy products. Iowa dairy farms generate $835 million in annual milk sales and offer an economic impact of $23,445 per cow. Below are some examples of jobs available in the dairy industry:


  • Herdsman
  • Farm manager
  • Dairy Cattle Classifier


  • Veterinarian
  • Hoof Trimmer
  • Pharmaceutical Lab Technician
  • Pharmaceutical Sales


  • Nutritionist
  • Feed Sales
  • Cattle Feeder


  • Product Manufacturing
  • Dairy Processing Operations
  • Food Inspector
  • Quality Control Manager


  • Sire analyst
  • Mating specialist
  • A.I. Technician
  • Embryologist


  • Dairy Extension Specialist
  • Dairy Checkoff
  • Journalist for Dairy Publications
  • Breed Association Representative


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