Poultry Careers

Are you interested in poultry? Iowa is home to a booming poultry industry with numerous opportunities to become involved. Iowa is the #1 egg producer with 56 million laying hens and also hosts a growing broiler industry. Iowa also ranks 7th in US turkey production, with approximately 12 million raised annually.

Today's poultry industry is large scale with numerous job options. Careers in the poultry industry can include anywhere from company administration, production, processing, engineering, animal nutrition, animal health, marketing, sales, communications, law, academia, transportation, veterinary, genetics, economics, to food safety and trade fields. Below are some specific examples of these careers available in the poultry industry:

Food Safety:

  • Broiler Processing Plant Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • USDA Food Inspector
  • USDA Grader


  • Animal Caretaker
  • Farm transporter
  • Hatchery Manager
  • Site/Farm Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Lab Technician

Animal Nutrition:

  • Feed Mill Manager
  • Nutritionist
  • Researcher
  • Lab Technician

Sales and Marketing:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
  • Advertising/Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Egg Buyer


  • Owner, Partner, CEO
  • Agribusiness Lender Specializing in Poultry Management
  • Poultry Business Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Attorney
  • Lobbyist
  • International Trade

Animal Health:

  • Poultry Veterinarian
  • Researcher
  • Lab Technician
  • Vaccine Manufacturer
  • Microbiologist or virologist
  • Geneticist
  • Breeding Manager


  • Plant Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Line Supervisor
  • Packaging
  • Maintenance Technician