Academic Resources

Tutors and Supplemental Instruction

Struggling with a class or multiple classes? There are SEVERAL resources available to you on campus. The Academic Success Center can help you with Supplemental Instruction sections, they can help find a tutor, and they can help you hone your study skills. (515) 294-6624

Disability Issues

To document ANY disability that affects quality of life and academic performance, call the Student Accessibility Services Office. (515) 294-7220

Academic Grievances

Concerns about academic matters are most appropriately resolved with the instructor or the Department Chair. Any student that feels they have been treated unfairly may file an Appeal of Academic Grievances.

Withdrawing From ISU

If you are struggling with all your classes, or need to withdraw from Iowa State for any reason, this site offers advice and information on procedures.

Missing Classes During Emergencies

When students are absent due to a crisis situation or unexpected illness and unable to contact their individual instructors directly, the Dean of Students Office can send out an Emergency Notification. (515) 294-1020

Jury Duty

If you are called to jury duty, consult with this site.

Study Abroad

The Ag Study Abroad Office is here to make your education a global one! (515) 294-5393

Study Exchange (Domestic)

National Student Exchange (NSE) has offered students a domestic alternative to study abroad. (515) 294-6479

Dropping Classes

If you are struggling in a class and wish to drop it, instructions provided.

Tutorial on adding/dropping classes using schedule change form