Student Finances, Jobs, Internships

Department of Animal Science Scholarships and Resources

Scholarships provisioned by the ISU Department of Animal Science.

Office of Student Financial Aid 

Handles your financial concerns or financial aid issues. (515) 294-2223

Career Planning and Internships

Worried about getting a great internship or finding the perfect job? The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Services is one of the very best! (515) 294-4725

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation

Assists individuals experiencing vocational barriers due to their disability and together develop an individualized employment plan to obtain, prepare for, and keep a job. (515) 294-7220

Financial Counseling Clinic 

A HUD-approved, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving your financial wellbeing through education and counseling in the areas of homeownership, personal finance, and credit. Certified Financial Counselors have skills to assist individuals and families in the complex process of financial decision making. (515) 294-8644