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4-H Beef Blast

2017 Beef Blast 

  • December 2, 2017 from 9:30am - 3:30pm at the Jeff and Deb Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center.  Registration begins at 9am.

  • Grades 7-12

  • Topic:  Genetics

  • Click 2017 beef blast flyer.pdf for more information

Register for the class online:  (Registration deadline is November 21)

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2016 Beef Blast was focused on reproduction and participants learned how to conduct breeding soundness exams on bulls, dissected reproductive tracts, formulated rations for optimal reproductive efficiency and learned how to select reproductively sound females. 

Participant quotes about what they learned:

“#1 reason cows are culled is because they won’t rebreed.”

“You can fit the whole repro tract in the bladder.”

“How API connects with stayability, docility and reproduction.”

“Sperm must have 30% motility to be viable.”

“Feed is the most expensive part of raising cattle.”



2015 Beef Blast was focused on nutrition and participants dissected rumens, evaluated beef cattle, formulated rations on computer and fed cattle their own feed creation. 

Participant quotes about what they learned:

“The reticulum can store hardware”

“I learned that all rations are made of dry matter”

“The things that absorbs the microbes are called papillae”

“How to make feed rations”

“I learned about what/how the body condition score is and works”

Beef Blast

Beef Blast