Affiliate Faculty

If you are an undergraduate student exploring your future in animal science, or a graduate student who is looking forward to a promising career in research or advanced placement in industry, the ISU Department of Animal Science brings you some of the best teachers, researchers and mentors a university setting can provide. The department of animal science consists of faculty members from all over the world who have excelled at their specific areas of knowledge. Winning top awards from the American Society of Animal Science, American Dairy Science Association, Poultry Science Association, Meat Science Association, Federation of Animal Science Societies or industry-related groups such as the American Feed Industry Association, US Poultry and Egg Association, etc. our faculty work hard to stay at the top of their research and teaching fields. Come learn from them, work alongside them and discover a whole new world.

Dr. Dean Boyd
Technical Director and Nutritionist Emeritus, The Hanor Family of Companies and Triumph Foods
Swine Nutrition
Dr. Joy Campbell
Director of Research and Development
All Species expertise
3201 S. Riverside Dr
Mary Drewnoski
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Beef Systems Specialist
C220f Animal Science Building
George Fahey
Professor Emeritus of Animal Science, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
Animal Nutrition
166 Animal Sciences Laboratory, 1207 W. Gregory
Casey Frye
Vice President, Research & Development: Burke Corporation
Meat Science
1516 South D Avenue
Patrick Gunn
Beef Cattle Technical Consultant, Purina Animal Nutrition
Ruminant Nutrition
3461 S 50 W
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Science
1221 Kildee, 806 Stange Rd
Marcus Kehrli
Brian Kerr
Associate Professor
Animal Science
2100 University Boulevard
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Science
1221 Kildee, 806 Stange Rd
Bill Mahanna
Dairy Nutrition and Forage Specialist: Pioneer
Dairy Nutrition and Forage Specialist
7100 NW 62nd Ave
Kevin Myers
Senior Vice President of Research and Development, Hormel Foods
Food Science
Kenneth J. Prusa
Food Science, Human Nutrition, Meat Science and Product Development
220 MacKay Hall
Austin Putz
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Geneticist
Animal Breeding and Genetics
231 Kildee Hall
John Rathmacher
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Animal Physiology
Iowa State University Research Park 2711 S. Loop Drive, Ste 4400
Timothy Reinhardt
Professor of Animal Science
Animal Physiology
National Animal Disease Center PO Box 70, 2300 Dayton Road
Mahdi Saatchi
Affiliate Assistant Professor
Animal Breeding and Genetics
239C Kildee Hall
Clint Schwab
Assistant Professor
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Research Microbiologist
Etiology, Prevention and detection of Johne's disease
1920 Dayton Ave, Room 1803
Dr. Anna Wolc
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Livestock Genetics
239C Kildee Hall
Cynthia Wood
Associate Professor
Animal Breeding
Animal & Poultry Sciences 3060 Litton-Reaves Hall
Chad Yoder
Assistant Professor
7963 N. Delaware County Road