Our Mission


The mission of the Department of Animal Science is to educate and develop students with life skills and knowledge and to engage and serve the public and the people who produce animals and animal products.

We will achieve our mission through discovery, development, and dissemination of knowledge related to basic animal biology, applied animal science, and animal products, in order to promote economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sustainable systems.

We will enhance human well-being through nutritious, desirable, and safe animal-derived products.  We will improve human health through the study of animal models. We will also foster the enhancement of human well-being though interaction with companion animals.



We, the faculty, staff, and students, aspire to be the premier source of:

  • basic knowledge of animal biology,
  • professionally trained individuals in animal science and animal biology,
  • assistance for producers and agribusinesses,
  • information to support the contributions of animals to society,
  • knowledge of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, and
  • technology to produce desirable, safe, and nutritious animal-derived foods.


We will achieve this vision through interactive learning, superior scholarship, and client-focused engagement with students, agricultural professionals and consumers.

Enriching lives through animals.