Checking for Updates - Windows 10

  1. Open your Start Menu in the bottom left and start typing ‘up’, then click on “Check for Updates”.
    • Alternatively, click on the small ‘gear’ icon for Settings:
      Finding Settings under the Windows Start menu
    • Then scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu and click on Update & Security:
      Windows Update can be found in the Metro Settings menu
  2. If you see "You're up to date", congratulations! You're done.
    If you see "You're not up to date", click on the "Check for updates" button:
    Check for updates
  3. Windows will start checking online for any updates to your computer. An animation will play that resembles moving dots during this process:
    Searching for updates in progress
  4. It will continue to Download and then Install updates one-by-one as they are discovered. Please do not Restart while this is going on.
  5. Once all updates are complete, you will see a green checkmark or a request to restart. Now it is safe to do so. Make sure you save all of your open documents first.
  6. After a restart you can repeat the process to see if you have a green check and "You're up to date". If not, go ahead and run updates one more time to finish.