How to access Cisco Webex & FAQ

Visit the Iowa State Webex Homepage to get started or download the desktop client

Webex isn't working / I can't get access to Webex

Webex requires a phone number tied to your Net-ID to function. You can use a personal phone number or your office phone. To add one:

  1. Log in to Workday here
  2. Go to Personal Information
    Workday Personal Information Worklet
  3. Under Change click on "Contact Information"
  4. Click the "Edit" button in the top left
  5. Click the Pencil icon below Primary Phone
  6. Fill out the requested information
  7. Click the Checkmark in the top-right
  8. Lastly, click the orange "Submit" button in the very bottom left.

This process takes between 2 and 24 hours to finalize. If you still cannot access Webex after this period, or do not have access to Workday, please contact ANS IT.


Turn Off Entry and Exit Notifications

You can turn off beeps and name announcements if you prefer not to hear notifications while you are engaging with participants.

  • When you schedule a meeting in Modern View, go to Preferences, select Audio and Video, and from the Entry and exit tone drop-down list, select No Tone.
  • When you schedule a meeting in Classic View, with the Quick Scheduler, click Change audio conference and select No Tone. With the Advanced Scheduler, select Audio Conference > Entry and exit tone > No Tone.
  • When you schedule an event or training session in Classic View, select Audio Conference Settings > Entry and exit tone > No Tone.

With Webex Meetings, you can also turn off the notifications during a meeting. From the Participant menu, click Entry and Exit Tone to clear the check mark.

  • You cannot turn off notifications during Events and Training sessions.


Connect to Audio

After you join a meeting, event, or training session, connect to audio.



Call Me

Receive a call at any number, such as your work or home phone. Use this option for consistent, quality voice transmission.

Call My Video System

Enter your video system address if it isn't automatically populated, and click Call Me. Use this option to call in from video systems and applications.

  • This option is only available in Webex Meetings.

Call Using Computer

Use your computer with a headset. Use this option if you don’t have a toll-free number, or if you prefer a lower cost than using your phone.

I Will Call In

Dial in from your phone. Click the link to find a list of global call-in numbers. Use this option for consistent, quality voice transmission.


Mute Background Noise

If you are joining an audio conference using your computer, you can use headphones or a headset instead of speakers to prevent feedback.

If background noise, such as typing or a barking dog is detected from your microphone, you are prompted to mute it.

Select Disable noise detection if you prefer not to see these notifications.


Mute or Unmute Yourself or Others

As a participant:

In the Participants panel, select Mute or Unmute to mute or unmute your own microphone.

When Cisco Webex Meetings (Windows, Mac) and Cisco Webex Events (Windows) users mute or unmute from their headsets, they will also be muted or unmuted in the Participants panel. Similarly, muting or unmuting from the Participants panel also affects their headsets.

As a host:

To mute everyone as they join, from the Participant menu, select Mute on Entry.

To mute or unmute everyone but you, from the Participant menu, select Mute All or Unmute All.

To mute or unmute specific people, in the Participants panel, hover your mouse over their name, and then select Mute or Unmute .

Webex Meetings participants can always mute or unmute themselves regardless of mute on entry being enabled or being muted by the host.


Disabling Mirrored/Inverted Video During a Meeting

  1. Select the ‘Audio’ menu at the top menu or the "three dots/elipses" (...) from the Meeting controls
  2. Click on ‘Speaker, Microphone, and Camera’
  3. A separate window will open – scroll down until you see Camera and the camera preview window
  4. Click the circle in the top right of the preview that looks like this [image broken] (turned off) or this [image broken] (turned on)
    1. “Blue” will have written text on camera inverted for attendees, “white” will look correct