Equine Intrest Group

The PVC 's Equine Interest Group focuses on the fields of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science that involve horses. Equine events often include activities involving the general care, training, showing, nutrition, pathology, virology, toxicology, physiology, diagnosis, medical treatment, ethical treatment, surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation of horses.

Many members of the Equine Interest Group also participate in the volunteer program at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) located on the back-left side of the College of Veterinary Medicine (map) As well as the volunteer program with the organization called One Heart Equestrian, who work with people using animal facilitated therapy.
One Heart Equestrian Facebook Page

Upcoming Activities:

One Heart Volunteer Training April 10th, 6-8 pm at 59149 140th Street, Roland, Iowa 50236

As of this moment, the NICU program will be put on hold. This means that we will not be receiving any calls from the vet school. Therefore, no volunteers will go out. The issue causing this is thus: liability issues. As pre-vet students, we are not protected like the vet students are covered. Risk of injury is a very big issue. Along with risk for ourselves, there is risk in giving the foals medical treatment. Since we are not covered by AVMA due to not being in an AVMA registered veterinary college, there could potentially be major negative consequences if something were to go terribly wrong. With this, the vet techs who run the program are working with their advisor, vet school administration, risk management, and ISU legal to work everything out. Hopefully this issue can be solved and the program can go on. However we are working on other ideas in the case that the NICU program can no longer be a part of Pre-Vet Club.