Sheep Extension

Sheep in pasture

Iowa is known for having more sheep producers than any other state.  Currently Iowa is second to Texas when comparing sheep production operations. Iowa also has the highest lamb-to-ewe ratio with 1.67 lambs per ewe compared to the national average of 1.11. Iowa producers focus on meat output from their flocks with wool receipts to cover the shearing bill.

Most Iowa producers utilize sheep as a lower investment enterprise that allows them to diversify their farm operations. Sheep flocks make a great business for young producers with ample labor and limited facilities and capital. Sheep are seasonal breeders with the majority of the lambs being born from January through May. Iowa State University Department of Animal Science extension educational programs focus on improving the production efficiency of Iowa's sheep flocks.

Dr. Dan Morrical

Education Seminars 2016 Center Nation NSIP Sale Spencer Iowa :

Feeding elite sheep NISP 2016.pdf                           Which sheep do I buy NISP 2016.pdf

Genetic Connectedness TS - 22 July 2016.pdf         Sheep Genomics TS - 22 July 2016.pdf

Genetic Overview TS - 23 July 2016.pdf                   2016 SDSU Shrink Presentation- NSIP CNS July 2016 .pdf

November 19, 2016 Education Seminar

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