Dr. Dean Boyd

Technical Director and Nutritionist Emeritus, The Hanor Family of Companies and Triumph Foods
Dr. Dean Boyd

Dr. Dean Boyd is Technical Director for the Hanor Company, an integrated Pork Production and Food processing firm. He has been in academic and industry positions for 30 years. From this perspective, he could provide insight on "The How" of "Preparing to Make an Impact in Agriculture."

Dr. Boyd joined the faculty in Animal Science at Cornell, after receiving his Ph.D. where he gained an international reputation for his pioneering work in regulating nutrient use by growing pigs. Later, Dr. Boyd became global Director of Nutrition for the Pig Improvement Co., where he led research on amino acids, energy nutrition and resilient growth. Joining Hanor and Triumph Foods in 2002, he manages nutrition for 88,000 sows and 2.1 million pigs annually.

Area of Expertise: 
Swine Nutrition
B.S. Animal Nutrition from Colorado State University
Ph.D. University of Nebraska
Spring Green