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Dairy Science

James KoltesDr. James Koltes

  • Dr. Koltes' lab research at ISU dairy farm focuses on development of tools to help producers select for improved health and feed efficiency.  They use automated sensors on the farm to help determine the prediction of feed intake from this data.  Their goal is to develop new measurements, DNA tests, and statistical approaches to use sensors and feed intake data for genetic selection of dairy cattle.




Lance BaumgardDr. Lance Baumgard

  • Dr. Baumgard's lab researches nutritional and environmental physiology of dairy cattle, with specific interests in how immune activation disrupts optimal productivity.




Dr. Ranga Niroshan Jayasooriya Arachchige Do (Dr. Ranga Appuhamy)

  • Dr. Ranga's lab research focuses on exploring the mechanisms through which amino acids impact milk production, growth and development, and health of dairy cattle. His research also explores the role of drinking water in dairy calves in terms of its effects on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency, and gut microbiota composition.




ISU Dairy Research Committee

The allocation of animals to research projects is managed through the ISU Dairy Research Committee, chaired by Dr. Don Beitz. To schedule the use of animals for research purposes complete the ISU Dairy Research Proposal Form and submit it to Mary Healey. Mary will forward your Research Request form to the ISU Dairy Research Committee and to the farm manager, to make them aware of your research plans.

The ISU Dairy Research Committee also meets to discuss research ideas, identify areas for potential collaboration, and to resolve areas of potential conflict among projects. After submitting the ISU Dairy Research Request Form, you will be invited to join the ISU Dairy Research Committee to help ensure your project runs smoothly.