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Poultry Science

Dr. Susan Lamont

  • The focus of the Lamont lab is to elucidate the genetic and genomic architecture controlling complex biological traits, especially those related to fitness and resistance to disease, by applying contemporary technologies to the study of unique populations of chickens.  Her research focuses on molecular genetics of poultry immunology, disease resistance, skeletal composition, body composition, and meat quality.




Dr. Elizabeth Bobeck

  • The Bobeck lab’s work focuses on the interaction of nutrition and the immune system. We use cell culture, ex vivo cells and tissues, and whole animal studies in poultry and mice to answer questions related to bioactive components of feedstuffs. Dr. Bobeck’s projects range from basic digestibility work to immunometabolism, and we continually work to mechanistically link immune system changes to performance, health, welfare, and sustainability within the poultry industry. She additionally collaborates with Dr. Anna Johnson’s lab to promote welfare, sustainability, and productivity in meat birds.


Dong Ahn

Dr. Dong Ahn

  • The Ahn lab research focus is 1) how to improve or maintain the quality and safety of poultry meat products and 2) separation of functional components from egg yolk and white and add values to the egg components.




Anna JohnsonDr. Anna Johnson

  • Dr. Johnson's poultry research involves collaborating with Dr. Bobeck's lab to focus on broiler chicken well-being through studying novel environmental enrichment methods and validating animal-based behavior and welfare measurements. The aims of projects are to implement enrichment that can increase broiler feed efficiency to decrease feed inputs and maximize production, thereby increasing sustainability, while enhancing the environment of meat-type chickens in order to to promote physical activity and overall animal well-being. 


Hongwei Xin


Dr. Hongwei Xin

  • Dr. Xin's lab focuses on air quality, animal-environment interactions, animal housing systems and environment control and precision livestock farming.  



Dr. Maro Ibarburu-Blanc

  • Dr. Maro's lab focuses on economics of the egg industry, egg cost of production and prices and projections of egg production and prices.



Dawn Koltes


Dr. Dawn Koltes

  • Dr. Dawn Koltes focuses her research efforts on understanding the underlying effects of environment and genetics on intestinal health, nutrient absorption, and overall energy utilization in broilers, layers, and turkeys. Her current research focuses on factors that impact intestinal tract permeability, intestinal microbial communities and their interaction; how intestinal tract permeability and microbes differ between different housing types in layers; effects of selection pressure for meat or egg production on the intestinal tract; and effects of feed ingredients on performance, intestinal tract permeability, and intestinal microbial communities in broilers, layers, and turkeys.



Dr. Jack Dekkers

  • Dr. Dekkers focuses on genetics of disease (New Castle Disease) and use of genomics in poultry breeding programs.