Teaching and Outreach

Susan Lamont with chicken

Using the Farm for Teaching and Extension Activities
 Animal Science 101 has 380-400 students per year attend a two-hour lab at the farm. Management techniques are demonstrated to all students and they also tour the exotic breeds of chickens.

Animal Science 214L has 225-235 students per year. The farm supplies 150 fertilized eggs in various stages of development and about 60 roosters and hens each semester for anatomy classes.

Animal Science 223 has 12-20 students. This is an introduction to principles, practices, and decisions necessary when raising poultry.

Animal Science 320 has 14 students that tour the feed milling facilities at the farm.

Animal Science 332 has about 60 students annually attending a two-hour lab at the farm to work with roosters for analysis of semen.

Each spring the farm provides baby chicks and eggs for the Animal Science Learning Day. The farm also furnishes hens annually for the Pullorum Testing School, conducted by the Iowa Poultry Association. Along with assisting in the development of videos used by extension personnel, the farm also provides equipment and assistance to the Iowa State Fair 4-H Broiler Show.