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Students in classWe enable our students to be first picks among organizations throughout the world. There are many positions available in the areas of animal, dairy and meat science. Some of those include: pharmaceutical sales specialist, nutritionist, feed mill manager, poultry industry engineer, veterinarian, horse breeder, jockey, dairy farm manager,  beef embryologist, feed consultant, food safety manager or meat locker manager.

Some students also choose to obtain a Master’s degree upon graduation. Whatever choice you make, our academic program is very flexible and broad-based. Our students study all species and can emphasize a variety of disciplines including pre-veterinary medicine, business, sales and marketing, meat science, journalism and agricultural communications, nutrition, breeding and genetics, reproductive physiology and many others. The options are endless!

Looking to add a Major, Double Major, or add a Minor?

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Undergraduate Curriculum

Animal Science Major

Dairy Science Major

Animal Science Minor

  • Animal Science Minor Coursework
  • AnS 101 (2 credits) and 114 (2 credits)
  • AnS 214 (3 credits) and 214L (1 credit)
  • At least one course (3 credits) from: AnS 216, 223, 224, 225, 226, 229, 235 or 270
  • At least one course (2-3 credits) from: AnS 319, 331, 345 or 352 
  • At least one course (2-3 credits) from:  AnS 319, 320, 331, 324, 336, 337, 345, 352, 360, or 419

At least 9 of the 17 credits required for an AnS minor must be completed at Iowa State. Students should complete and file a request for minor form (PDF)

Meat Science Minor

  • Meat Science Minor Coursework
  • AnS 270 (2 credits)
  • AnS 360 (3 credits)
  • AnS 460 (3 credits)
  • At least one course (1 credit) from: AnS 489, AnS 490C
  • 5-6 credits from: FSHN 305, FSHN 311, FSHN 403, FSHN 406, FSHN 410, FSHN 412, FSHN 419, FSHN 420, FSHN 471, MICRO 407

Pre-Veterinary Option

  • Pre-Vet Coursework
  • Be Advised: These requirements are unique to Iowa State University. Other Colleges and Universities may have different pre-requisites.

Production Animal - Veterinary Early Acceptance Program (PA - VEAP)

Certificate Programs

Transfer Plans

Concurrent Master's Programs

Master of Business Administration (Concurrent MBA)

Master of Science in Animal Science (Concurrent BS-MS)

Graduate Curriculum

Animal Science Masters Programs

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