Working Remote?


FAQ on COVID-19 by University HR

Campus Safety Page / COVID-19 Response

Resources for Working Off-Campus

Iowa State Logins and Okta

AccessPlus, Outlook and CyMail, Workday, CyBox, and Okta can all be found at this link.

Deliveries & Packages

If you believe your package(s) have been delivered to Central Receiving due to a building closure, you can track the status/location of your package(s) using the internal Central Receiving Tracking Solution.

  • Packages can be picked up from the Central Receiving Facility on an as needed basis, please call (515-294-1804) to confirm status of package availability and schedule pick up. Note – please do not request package pick up if it is not critical in nature (risk to research, operations, health, etc.).

Collaboration Software

  • Cisco Webex - Maximum length of a meeting is 24 hours
    • Webex will serve as the preferred video conferencing solution for university users. Learn how to launch and use Webex with this 2-minute tutorial video and Webex Essentials guide.
  • Zoom - Maximum length of a Basic meeting is 40 minutes
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Webex Teams - Software phone (replacement for Cisco Jabber)

Teaching Resources

  • Canvas concerns? Contact the Brenton Center for support. Also by phone at (515) 294-0045 and
    • The Brenton Center is available to assist with any unfamiliar features of Canvas, including recording lectures.
  • Course Continuity following COVID-19 (via CELT)
    • CELT recommends Webex for Teaching as it has better support for large groups, call duration, and captioning.
      • CELT also suggests asynchronus (recorded) lectures over livestream. If live must be used, prioritize Computer Audio over 1-800 call-in audio.
  • TechSmith Snagit
    • A screen recording and screenshot software by the developers of Camtasia, available free-to-use until June 30th.

24/7 Canvas Support

Canvas Support anytime, anywhere. Call (515) 294-4000 then press 2, press 1 or view other available options (via Canvas Community)

Canvas Guides

Research Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prevent sharing my personal cell number?

Webex Teams is a soft phone available through Software Center on Windows and can be installed on macOS with assistance. It mimics your office phone number from your computer and can be used to make calls the same way.
Webex Teams is also available directly through a mobile device, but needs to be activated. Please contact ANS IT for assistance.

Do I need to use the VPN?

For Workday, CyBox, Canvas, and Outlook Web/CyMail you will not need to run the Cisco AnyConnect VPN to access any of these resources. What you will need the VPN for is access to printers on campus, ADIN, and network file shares (P: drive, MyFiles, etc.). Instructions on how to use and where to download the Cisco VPN can be found here. When not needed, please Disconnect from the VPN to free those resources for our ISU colleagues who require it to complete business operations.

Can I forward my office phone?

Yes. Instructions for call forwarding can be found here.

How fast is my internet speed? will allow you to test your Download and Upload speeds anywhere - home, the coffee shop, even a cellular hotspot.

How long can I host a Webex meeting?

Webex Meetings for all users has a cutoff of 24 hours long. See their Help Center article here.

How long can I make a Webex recording?

10 Hours long

How long will Webex save my cloud recordings?

30 Days. See their Help Center article here.
We do advise uploading a copy to CyBox during that window to have a safe backup copy.

Webex isn't working / I can't get access to Webex

Webex requires a phone number tied to your Net-ID to function. You can use a personal phone number or your office phone. To add one:

  1. Log in to Workday here
  2. Go to Personal Information
    Workday Personal Information Worklet
  3. Under Change click on "Contact Information"
  4. Click the "Edit" button in the top left
  5. Click the Pencil icon below Primary Phone
  6. Fill out the requested information
  7. Click the Checkmark in the top-right
  8. Lastly, click the orange "Submit" button in the very bottom left.

This process takes between 2 and 24 hours to finalize. If you still cannot access Webex after this period, or do not have access to Workday, please contact ANS IT.