Ruminant Alumni

Dr. Mary Drewnoski

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Assistant Professor, Beef Systems Specialist
C220f ANSC
Office 402-472-6289

Erin Richter, M.S.

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences, May 2011
Thesis: The effect of dietary sulfur on performance, mineral status, rumen hydrogen sulfide, and rumen microbial populations in yearling beef steers

Dr. Danielle Pogge

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences, December 2013
Dissertation:  The effect of supplemental vitamin C on performance, antioxidant capacity, carcass characteristics, and meat quality of steers fed high sulfur finishing diets
Consulting Nutritionist
Bovine Dynamics
Kenmore, Queensland, Australia

Sara Morine, M.S.

Animal Science, May 2014
Thesis: Determining the optimal dietary roughage source and inclusion to decrease hydrogen sulfide in steers fed high-sulfur finishing diets
Veterinary Medicine student at Iowa State University

Dr. Megan Van Emon

Extension Beef Specialist
Assistant Professor
Montana State University
Dept. of Animal and Range Sciences
USDA-ARS Ft. Keogh
243 Fort Keogh Road
Miles City, MT 59301
Office: 406-874-8286

Dr. Olivia Genther-Schroeder

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences, December 2014
Dissertation: Trace mineral supplementation in feedlot cattle: Implications for the inflammatory response, growth, and carcass characteristics
Dairy Feed Research Scientist
Purina Animal Nutrition Center

Erika Lundy, MS

Animal Science, May 2015
Thesis: Changing distillers grains: Implications for cattle performance and management
Extension Program Specialist II
Iowa Beef Center
Iowa State University

Dr. Jason Russell

Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences, December 2015
Dissertation: Feed efficiency in beef cattle: Relationship with digestibility, antioxidant activity, oxidative stress, growth performance, and carcass characteristics
Zinpro Corporation
Research Nutritionist - Beef

Rebecca Stokes, M.S.

Animal Science, December 2015
Thesis: Evaluation of algae meal as a novel feedstuff for ruminants
Ph.D. student at University of Illinois

Christopher Blank, M.S.

Animal Science, December 2016
Thesis: Alternatives in beef nutrition: Uses of alternative forages, and the improvement of feed efficiency on meat tenderness attributes
Research farm manager-MOFA Global